Revelation 9:7

The shapes of the locusts were like horses prepared for war. On their heads were something like golden crowns, and their faces were like people’s faces.  Revelation 9:7  WEB


The days go by. Children cannot go out to play. People who live from paycheck to paycheck cannot go out to work. Businesses have been shut down. Whole countries are crippled by the outbreak. The COVID-19 or coronavirus has forced entire nations to stop their daily activities and shut themselves up in their homes. The virus got its name due to the corona or crown-shaped spikes when seen from an electron microscope. Even atheists the world over are forced to wonder where our world is heading and what will life be like if we survive this worldwide pandemic. What do we believe?

The locusts described in Revelation 9 wore something that resembled crowns too. They were sent to torment people for a time. It is easy for anyone to see that something big is going on. There have been other disasters which have affected many people in different eras throughout history. But if we do not stop to check ourselves, then no amount of prophecy will ever help us. We are like the people of Biblical times who were warned by prophets or by the Son of God. Many of those we read of refused to heed the warnings. What will our response be now? Will we continue to throw ourselves headlong into our earthly pursuits? Or will we each one, use the precious time we are given each day to seek the Lord our God? Let´s pray that people the world over will turn to seek the Savior of the World and find their hope in Him!


Dear Lord,

Let us make the most of today and draw near to You in Spirit, in truth, and in a vibrant relationship, we pray!



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