Passion for Truth

Passion for Truth

We talk like we love God. We may even say that we know God. But the truly blessed in the Kingdom of God are the seekers who have learned to make knowing Him their passion in life. Each and every one of us has the potential to move past a nominal awareness of the Divine. The Son and the Holy Spirit wait anxiously for the signs of interest stirring within us. If we will let them, they will teach us through the truths of God in an amazing journey of discovery. We can go from only notions of God, to being a very close and intimate relationship. Like any relationship that can range from casual acquaintance to a passionate intimacy, our involvement with the Lord is what we make of it. If we devote little to our walk with Christ, then little we will have with the Divine. Let us make it our passion to learn more of the Wonder that we call our God today!


To covet truth is a very distinguished passion. George Santayana


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