The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:38

It is when we are down that we realize we need help. We need the support of others. Without the encouragement or added strength of someone by our side, our pain and our problems can soon become unbearable. Jesus, in His manhood, experienced this great burning need. It was on the night where the weight of the world´s sins was placed upon Him. He knew what was being asked of Him and He knew that the very people He was trying to save would, for the most part, not care enough about His sacrifice to stay by Him. He asked His Disciples to stay on watch with Him. In doing so, He has asked us, because the Word of God cannot be limited to the past. It is eternal like God Himself. So the question is this; Are we staying by our Savior´s side right now? Just like the Disciples, our spirit may be willing. But so often, we are lulled into our own interests. We relax. Our Lord is sure to be exceedingly sorrowful today with all this world panic and suffering. Right now is when all of us should be the closest to Him! Jesus went through with His sacrifice to save all His children, to follow Him we should be willing to sacrifice time, comfort, and care too! Let us pray that we will stay awake. Let us pray that we do not leave our Savior´s side. Let us pray today for the strength and the focus to watch along with our Lord as His plans of salvation are being played out before our eyes!


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