Our Need Is Filled By God´s Strength

Our Need Is Filled By God´s Strength

What is the first ingredient to experience the power of the Lord working wonders in our lives? We can experience miracles today if we can only find that one special ingredient. It is need! Once we realize that we cannot do whatever it is ourselves, then we can stop trying to do it by ourselves. Once we stop trying, we can step aside and make room for God. Once we make room for the Lord to work, we can start leaning on Him. Once we are leaning on the Divine for His help, faith is given to us. Once we have the tiniest seed of faith, the miracles begin. The miracles begin not with what we needed help with, but in our hearts. Once our hearts are open and carrying that new burden we have for the Lord. It becomes His pleasure to show His mighty hand at work in our lives. It was always His pleasure, but because we ignored Him and tried to do it all alone, He respected our choice. But, now our need has thrown us upon Him. All is how it should be. We are God´s children. We are looking to Him. We need Him here with us! We need to see His hand at work or we will fall! This need of ours is filled by the unlimited strength of the Lord. Nothing is impossible for Him. Let´s throw ourselves upon our God with sufficient need now so that He can display His mighty arm today!


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