Close Enough to Recognize

Close Enough to Recognize

It should not take us by surprise to know that God is working on something wonderful in and around us today. If we are going through our day as if God is not actively moving, then we are only fooling ourselves and missing out on whatever it is that He is doing. God has never stopped being God and that means that He has never stopped doing the amazing and the impossible. Faith in God´s ability to work wonders is essential for us to have if we want to be included among those who will witness His amazing power. But, it is possible to bar ourselves from seeing Him move because we don´t really think He is active at the moment. So, if we are really interested in watching God´s mighty arm work in mighty ways as He surely is today, all we have to do is to draw close enough in our walk with Him that our eyes are opened to see His movement! God is moving, let´s pray that where we stand with Him permits us to witness it all and be ready to join Him wherever He is going!


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