The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:41

“Watch!” We are living in a time of watching. We watch TV. We watch our favorite sports or movies or series. We watch an increasing amount of videos on our computers or smartphones. But Christ, our teacher, asks us to watch for something else. Oh, how different our lives would be if we stopped watching so intently all those other distractions and started watching for the movement and nearness of God. If we could learn to watch for the presence of the Lord in all else that we see, our sight would be rewarded by witnessing His mighty arm at work. We would be able to rest confident in troubled times because our All-powerful God would be seen right here with us in our time of need!

“Pray!” We might often pray too. We pray for a job, a better job, better pay at our job or better conditions. We pray for our relationships and the ones we love. We pray when times get tough or we feel threatened by danger or disease. But Jesus, our Savior is trying to help us see that our prayer is not a Christmas wish list. Prayer is our quiet intercourse with the Lord. It is a communication, a chat, a moment shared. Prayer is when we get out of the focus of our lives and put the Giver of that life into our focus. It is a moment where we do not have to know the answers but sit attentively at the feet of the One who knows. Prayer changes people because it turns us to God instead of us walking down our path alone.


Oh Lord, teach us to watch and to pray for what we really need, for You! Amen


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