The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:54

When some kind of global disaster strikes like the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we may be tempted to wonder how God could allow this to happen. We may be tempted to think like people with a low vision of God do. We may question His love, His care, or His power to remove our pain and the threat of danger. Even our preachers, the ones who should be helping us get back to a correct view of the Almighty Righteous God, could make excuses for His actions – as if this were not meant to be. Let us stop fooling ourselves. When times get tough, let´s go back to our Bibles. Pick up any page and you will read of the struggles and dangers that lie in the path of mankind. Let us take no well-meaning person´s words to heart over the Holy Scriptures. There is happiness and joy here on earth and a future full of it to look forward to. But God is working out His great master plan! We are sitting in front-row seats watching prophecy fulfilled. We can read from the Holy Word that danger, rumors of threats and disaster will come. What we should be focusing on is not the horrible aspects or thoughts that may come along. We should be learning what we can from our desperate times and edging closer to the One who will bring us through them. So, instead of sitting back at safe distances, let´s open our hearts to the same God who foretells that some will not open their hearts and bow down to Him. (Revelation 9:20-21) Let us turn from our ways. Let us throw ourselves down before the Almighty now while there is time and seek Him and His will for us today! Let´s get to know the Lord as if He is the only Friend we have left and leave the speculating for all those who will refuse to humble themselves.


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