Today is The Day

Today is The Day

We are experts, right down from the most religiously acclaimed to the beggar on the street, of turning our minds away from God and putting the attention on our very distracting world. We get caught up in “our things” until very little time or interest is left for our relationship with God. Or, perhaps, it means a great deal to us, but we just got to get this done first or do that other thing. Sometimes we find a quiet moment to pray or read our Bibles and find our mind wanders off onto some other distraction. We forget to connect with our God. We lose the moment. Then those precious minutes have passed and are lost. We find it is time to get on with our busy schedules once again.

Well, we will not find a better time to steal away and be with our Lord than today! It is time! Tomorrow will not do! Later is out of the question. Even if it is just a few seconds, we can begin a new habit of seeking God in our hearts, in our day, in each moment. If we can build our relationship with Him right now, then each moment that comes from now on may be easier to have Him with us. If we can build the channels of communication between Christ and us today, then we may have His presence to count on. If we can let God into our moment now we have a chance that He will share so many more with us each day! Let´s see how close we can come to Him right now and give the Lord a chance to be with us from now on!


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