The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:45

As history repeats itself, we move into times where men and women are lulled into a religious lethargic state. We have grown tired of waiting. We have ceased to be alert and vigilant. We have become distracted by whatever else is going on around us. Our lives are so full of coming and going, buying and selling, that we leave little time to sit with our Lord. Even our times of prayer, our times to be with our Savior in the garden, are consistently filled up with thinking of and desiring things for ourselves. Time is short! Our Savior is being betrayed in this dark hour. Nobody seems to stand by Christ in this dark and disturbing time. But if we can still hear His voice, then there is hope for us! If we are still near enough to our Lord to hear Him tell us of the importance of this hour, then we might still see amazing things! Let us pray that whatever will happen today, that we will be close to our Savior in heart, in soul, and with our whole focus upon Him! Let us squeeze tightly to Jesus´ outstretched hand and walk faithfully beside Him through the hour that is at hand!


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