More Coming

Revelation 9:12

The first woe is past. Behold, there are still two woes coming after this.  Revelation 9:12  WEB


When a couple was just getting started in life and had their first child, trouble came to them and they found themselves unemployed. So they picked up what they had left and moved closer to her parents. They found work and a place to live but just about then, the world fell into a global financial crisis. People were laid off of work again and they were no exception. Right in the middle of that struggle, the couple had another child. Have we ever questioned whether or not God cared about us when our struggles became too much for us to bear?

The humble-hearted believers of God turn to the Bible when times get scary. Within the Holy Scriptures, they find their comfort. They do not read of only good things that will come upon mankind. In fact, much of what is written about upcoming events are warnings that we will see those tough days. Where they get their encouragement is from the fact that they can see that their Lord is at work. God has His plan. The Almighty is up to something and it is marvelous. To accomplish His plan to save those who love Him, His children will live through some bad times. We read of these tough times, but because our caring Father has warned us of them, they do not have to hurt us too badly. We can lift our faces against the cold blasts of disaster because we know that soon our every tear will be wiped away! So, if we hear of some tough times coming, take heart! God´s plan is unveiling before our eyes! Our Savior will soon come to sweep us up in His arms!


Dear Lord,

Whatever woes must still come to us, please keep our hearts close to You where there is strength to persevere, we pray!



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