With Jesus Today

With Jesus Today

There is a vital lesson that every person alive needs to learn. It has everything to do with how our day plays out and whether or not what happens will work for us eternally better on not. We may not be aware of what is going on in Holy or spiritual realms. But there is much going on in a great struggle for ownership of our souls. One great power loves us greatly. God has gone further than we care to realize to provide for our being with Him. And evil would trick us and have us believe that independence from God is what we need. This unseen battle rages on while we choose which side we will be on for all eternity. We can believe in God and His Son and have a chance to walk with our Savior today. It is a choice that will assure us of an infinite number of discoveries of the God who loves us. Anything less is reducing our chances of knowing Him at all.

Let us give ourselves the chance to be all that we were intended to be! Let us spend time getting to know the Son of God today so that we will always be with the One who died to save us all!


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