The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:50

Have we ever wondered if we met Jesus face to face, what He would say to us? There is a short exchange in the Bible where Jesus speaks directly to Judas, who was betraying Him. It may sound strange to hear the Son of God, the One who knows the hearts and thoughts of men, to ask a person why they came to Him. But perhaps it is just a quick peek into what really happens when we come to Christ. Surely there can be no Scripture that cannot speak directly to us or instruct us further along in our faith. So let us place ourselves at the other end of Jesus´ words. Let us imagine that the Son of God is asking us today (that is if we have even sought to be with Him at all), why have we come to Him. Why have we? Have we approached the Lord in prayer to gain something extra for our daily lives? Was it something that caught our fancy? Or are we seeking the Lord because there is an emptiness a loneliness, that can only be filled when we know that our God is here with us? Let us pray now that we do seek Christ, but let us seek our Savior to be near Him and to grow closer to Him in every way while there is still time!


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