Near the Lord

Near the Lord

The times we are living through today should alarm us and make us examine our faith. When we talk of our faith, we cannot afford to think of it as merely the things that we hold as our creeds or call our general beliefs. Faith is not a list of things that we believe but what we do with those beliefs and how we act out on them in our daily dealings. If we say we believe in Christ, but go through our day without thinking of Him, then our faith in the Son of God is not that strong. If we call ourselves Christians but do not seek His presence as we walk through our day, then we do not have a very close walk with the Savior. Every single one of us from the saintliest, to the least, should desire to be closer to the One we say that we love and that holds the keys to our future. Should we want to be ushered one day into the presence of God, then we will need to know intimately well the Lamb who died to save us! If we are not sure whether or not Jesus is asking us to draw closer to Him, then we should drop down onto our knees and ask Him. We should pick up our Bibles and study the words of the One who came to teach us of the Kingdom of God. We should open our hearts and ask for ears to hear. Then, when we hear our Savior say “Come unto Me!”, we should drop whatever we are doing. Let each of us pray today for a closer walk with Christ and more of His Spirit to help us through these days we are living in!


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