The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:52

“Strike back!”, “An eye for an eye!”, “If you hurt me, I´ll get you back!” These are the sentiments that the world would have us subscribe to. However, our Great Teacher has given us another Way. He went before us to show us and become that Way. He kept His eyes on His Father´s Kingdom. He looked above and beyond this temporary world. We will have to pray each day for more of His vision. We must pray that the Lord will lift our eyes to see beyond our world, ourselves, and our distractions. If we can focus our eyes on Jesus Christ, then all that is temporary or short of Him will fade out of focus! This takes an aggressive faith. It takes determination to put our hearts on our Lord and great effort to remove our attention from anything less. Yet God is a giver! He loves to give faith. As soon as He sees that faith is what we truly want, He will increase ours. As soon as the Almighty is convinced that we desire Him over our world, then the miracles begin! Let us pray for faith that lets us drop our defenses, drop our distractions, and set our eyes and our hearts on the Glory of God before us! Let us seek the Spirit of God in us in such amounts that we can put away our swords and everything else that is not from Him!


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