More Love for You Lord


More Love for You Lord

There is so much in our world today that will seem small and insignificant when we are truly fixed and focused upon God. When our eyes and our hearts are full of the things we see around us and forget our Lord, that is when we run into problems, struggles, and strife. Hard times will come and go, but when we walk close to our Savior, we can walk on water. Small meals can feed thousands, sick people get well, souls get saved. With the Holy Spirit filling our hearts, we can sing even from the inside of prisons or banished away from home. With Christ in our lives struggles become chances to witness the mighty arm of God at work. The weak become the strong ones and the lost become the redeemed children of the Father.

So dear Lord, increase our hearts. Expand these frail vessels to hold more love for You. Give us a desire to be right where You are moving in every moment because of the intense fire of love that rages within us for You! Then, let come what may with our world, we know we will have an eternity to spend with the One who loved us first!



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