The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:53

It is wonderful to see how Christ included the Father in everything. He made it a point to show us that He walked here on earth with His eye on God. He wanted to give us this gift and be the Way we live our lives. Following Jesus does not just mean that we come along after He does. It does not mean that we subscribe to His general thought or beliefs. It means stepping where He stepped. It means placing our hearts where His heart went. It means caring about what He cares about. It means looking where Christ looks. We too could then say as Jesus once said, that we could call on our Father and He would send out angels to lift us from our current danger. But most importantly, if we are looking to God the Father right now, as Jesus showed us to do, we will not care how daunting the earthly scene before us may become. We will be looking right through our world´s strife, pain, and fears and focusing our eyes on the swiftly approaching clouds of glory!


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