God is Working


God is Working

Our God is never at rest. Until He has all of His children safely back at home with Him, His work is not done. In a thousand small ways and even amazingly huge ways, the arm of the Lord can be seen working deep in our hearts and in the world around us. The facts are there. The wonders are being performed. Miracles are happening. The only thing that remains is whether or not we choose to be made aware of His marvelous handiwork. There are some who will stop in this crazy world and gaze heavenward. There are some who will stoop down, bow down, or incline their heads humbly to seek Him. There are some today who will turn away from all that would distract us and steal our chances of watching the Holy Spirit move. There are some people who will do what it takes right now, to open our hearts and let the Savior show us what He is up to. Will it be us?


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