The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:42

Jesus has been there too! He was weighed down by the burdens of the world until His Spirit was in anguish. It was a bitter cup that He knew He had to drink. When we experience these foul-tasting times, when life falls upon us with crushing force, we need to know that our Savior has been there too! We need to know so that we leave room for hope to enter in. We need to know that there is One who can sympathize with us. We need to know that God sees our misery and feels our pain. With all this in mind, whatever we must still suffer here on earth, we should be able to follow our Master´s lead. Our great Teacher has shown us the Way! We do not have to have incredible strength. We do not need to know why we must suffer through this new trial. All we need to do is put it all back into the more-than-capable hands of God. Just as Jesus looked to God, we can look up too! Just as Christ went faithfully forward, we can too! Just as our Savior let the Father lead His steps and kept His eyes and His heart set on God, we can too! So, whatever we must walk through today, let it be with the same Spirit as Christ! Let us choose God´s will today too!


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