Prayer Lets Us Walk With God

Prayer Lets Us Walk With God

We often say we need this earthly thing or that other one. But what we all really need in our day is to be near our Savior. If we could edge in close and be with our Lord, then whatever the world throws at us will be no problem. Every experience in life could serve to build us up and make our relationship with God stronger. Every setback and every tragedy could open for us new ties to our God if we truly turn to Him. Praying to God often strengthens our bond with Him. It tunes us to Him and His movements. It can keep our eyes on what the Holy Spirit is up to instead of pitying ourselves or complaining. When we pray and turn over our lives to God, then our problems are not our problems alone. They become something shared with our Lord. Things shared between individuals are what build our relationships. So, let us run to Christ with each and every one of our joys or sorrows, those prayers are letting us walk with God all through our day!


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