The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:55

What Jesus asks of men and women may be a lot more than most people are willing to give Him. He asks us to devote our hearts and our souls to God. He asks us to love one another as we love ourselves. He asks that we look to Him more than we look to our world, our busy lives, and to our aspirations. But those who truly have gone out of their way to follow Him will testify that they have not lost anything in the end. Instead, their lives have been enriched by their walk with the Lord. We have hope where the skeptic has none. We have help in times of need. We are given directions, wisdom, and miracles happen just by opening ourselves a little and letting Christ in. So when the angry world finds that it has to attack our faith in Christ, let us pray that we remember our Savior and that the world treated Him as criminal too. Let us follow Jesus and keep our eyes on God because we know that this is all part of His plan and we will soon be with Him forever!


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