Seal Up the Words

Revelation 10:4

When the seven thunders sounded, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from the sky saying, “Seal up the things which the seven thunders said, and don’t write them.”  Revelation 10:4 WEB


On a dark night, they pulled out of a parking lot into the roadway. The family was in a strange town and they were not quite sure how to get back to the freeway. Suddenly the father, who was not driving shot out a warning. “Watch out, the thing,” he said, “the thing, honey, the THING!” His wife drove a little slower but she still did not know what the “thing” was. Have we ever needed a little information that just did not seem available to us?

It turned out that the “thing” was an island in the road and the lady nearly drove down the wrong way into traffic. We read important things in prophecy that have to deal with the fate of all mankind. What is missing from what we are told could be a life-and-death matter to us. There will be many who shoot straight to complaining about the missing info. And there will be others who accept their limited sight.  God is the all-wise God. He knows what He is doing. The blind need someone to lead them. The blind trust their Guide. Those who cannot see into the dark, or brilliant future, will cling tightly to the hand that gently takes theirs. Let´s be the kind of seekers who learn to trust and are quick to follow where the Lord leads us! Whatever warning or revelation may come, it will be great to know that it is our Savior who is at the wheel!


Dear Lord,

Let us come near to You now! The times are dark and we do not know where the dangers lie. But close to You we know we will be safe. Show us the Way home to the Father, we pray!



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