Give More Gets More

Give More Gets More

We might all understand that putting little into any relationship will assure us of having less than a vibrant relationship with that person. Say for example we call someone our best friend, but we never ever actually pick up the phone and call them. Say that we never visited that person and the days, months, and years swept by without us ever sharing any special moments together. Even though we may feel like our hearts go out to that person, our walk with them is not so close. There are probably other friends or acquaintances that we have that we share more moments with or do talk with on a more regular basis.

Well, this same thing happens with our so-called relationship with our Savior. We may say that God means a lot to us, but if we do not go out of our way to spend time with Him, then we are only fooling ourselves. On the other hand, if we invest our time and our efforts in drawing near to the Almighty, then the One on the other end of our relationship can work wonders too to restore our broken relationship. We do not have to pick up the phone to talk to the Lord, we can walk with Him into everything we do throughout our day! We can tune our hearts to feel His presence near! We can look for His smile in the smile of those around us. We can feel God´s compassion for others flow through us as we open our eyes to the needs of those who we see hurting. Let us stop talking about having a close relationship with Jesus today and actually start seeking one!


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