The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:56

Plodding along throughout our lives, it is hard for us to see that there are other agendas than our own. We wonder why God would allow suffering. We wonder where this crazy world is heading. We struggle to understand how God would let people become so cruel and governments could work for their own gain. But when we let our minds contemplate these things, we are only ignoring God. He has long tried to communicate to us His agenda. The Almighty is working on something grand. He has endlessly reminded us that our hearts should not be more attached to our earthly home than they are to Him. What God is working on should be our concern too! We should long for the things that God longs for. He is concerned about saving those children who respond to His love and want to learn to love Him in return. To this end, we too should be striving, longing, and concerning ourselves. All the rest, the trials, the cruelty, the wars, sicknesses, and disasters, have all been spoken of before by the prophets. These things have happened and will continue to happen until all is fulfilled. It is time that we stop our questioning and our complaining. Let us look past the discomfort and focus on God and His plan! Let us prepare our hearts today so that in us, at least, all is ready to receive the reward of our hearts’ desire. And let that desire be our God!


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