How the Heart Beats!


How the Heart Beats!

When a person wakes up to the reality of a loving Father in Heaven who carefully made us and went to such great lengths to shower us with His love, it is the most natural response to love Him back. Many people who have come to church, to Christianity, or read the Bible may experience this nominal love for the Lord and pay Him some sort of tribute. But the real blessings are, as always, saved for those who want more! The soul who receives this love from God and uses it to gain more, a thousand and one blessing can come! The small child who runs to its parents arms for a hug can be warmed a little, but if instead of running away, that child remains with their parent, they are sure to receive more hugs, kisses, and endearing words. Let us pray that the love God showers us with today finds fertile soil in our hearts! Let us ask that His love warms our hearts to a degree where it overflows, returns to God in waves of adoration and also warms those around us! Let us pray that we become so addicted to the love we find in the Presence of God, that we will want to remain close to Him forever!


“Thou has formed us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee.”  Augustine


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