The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 26:64

There can exist few things in this life that give us more hope than Christ´s promise to return to us! Nowadays, people don´t seem too worked up over it because our eyes and our hearts are distracted with our own agendas. But, there are some people who will stop and let their hopes rest with God. These precious few should feel the lift and the rush of anticipation. Dread and fear will melt away because these souls have found a love worthy of seeking. The hope that rises in them comes from their carefully cultivated relationship with the God who went to unimaginable lengths to show us His love. Their restlessness does not come from not seeing Him. They know really well His beauty and care. They see His greatness all around! They hear His voice in the sunrise and the sunset. They feel His love through the embrace of family or friends. They see His wisdom and power through the nature we see all around. The whole world shouts and sings praises of the glory of God! Death and tragedy lose their sting because the One who loves us is coming again! Let that day come soon, dear Lord! Come to us on the clouds of the sky!


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