Revelation 10:10

I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up. It was as sweet as honey in my mouth. When I had eaten it, my stomach was made bitter.  Revelation 10:10  WEB


The room was full of people who had come to celebrate the little guy´s first birthday party. They all sang as the cake was brought in and placed before him. He had help blowing out the candle and his eyes were wide with delight at the sight and excitement of it all. When he finally got to take a bite out of the delicious-looking delicacy before him it came right back out. He spewed. Obviously, the first time he had tried cake it was too much for him. Have we ever tasted something that is such a delight to take in, but then when we really got the taste of it, we found something sour about it?

Our little friend did not give up eating cake even though his first attempt ended up in him spitting it out. The Bible too can bring us a multitude of enticing delights that will surely look sweet to us. Who is not hungry for peace, a loving Father, and an almighty Savior to walk with them through this tough life and be their best friend? But the Scriptures and prophecy also bring some bitterness to the table. We still have to taste unpleasant things like unbelievers who are not able to understand our faith. We still live in a cruel world that works really hard to bring suffering onto needy souls. Our God wants us to have the very best of what He places before us, so regardless of the fact that we may have to stomach some bitter with the sweet, let us taste of the Lord and see that He is good! He knows what He is doing and this is just the beginning!


Dear Lord,

If we must suffer through bitter times, help us keep our eyes on You, Your sweet love, and Your power to save us, we pray!



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