Weakness Can Be Strength

Weakness Can Be Strength

Pain, loss, and hard times can get us down. When we feel the lowest we may often despair. But we don´t have to. Weakness can help us lean on God. Leaning on the Son of God is what the Bible teaches us to do. Those who turn to, depend on, and need the Lord for their strength, are in spiritual terms the strongest ones. Those who refuse to rely on their own strength are known as the strong in faith. Those who know they need Christ are the ones who seek Him each day in ever-increasing amounts. Each and every one of us who refuse to trust in the Lord, or forget to turn to Him are the ones who should worry. It is not the person who feels like the world is crashing down on him or her that should be concerned. Christ conquered the world, sin, and death. If we can recognize our weakness, we can use it to throw ourselves on Him. We can seek Him with us all throughout each day just to help us through it. This kind of believer need not concern themselves with the outcome of their dilemma, their future is securely held in the strongest arms in all the universe. We can tie ourselves to the Savior today and look forward to the reward of seeing our Father´s face real soon!


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