Weakness Can be Strength

Matthew 27:46

The theologians and experts may or may not all be on the same page about whether or not God actually did remove His presence from His Son when Christ died on the cross. But for the simple believer, we do not need to know. One day when we do sit at the feet of our Master we can surely ask Him. For now, we can look up and wonder. We can let our hearts ponder the mystery of death and cling to the hope of those who will be safely carried through it with their Lord. Faith, we can all embrace as the one tie we will have to maintain us all close to our God. Hope and trust must be ours and they will rest for all time in the integrity of the Divine. So whether we choose to dive deep into the mysteries of the Godhead, or if we choose to simply leave the knowing up to God, let us cast our lot with the Lord and get as close as we can to Him now while there is still breath in our lungs!


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