Revelation 11:1

A reed like a rod was given to me. Someone said, “Rise, and measure God’s temple, and the altar, and those who worship in it.  Revelation 11:1  WEB


In the children´s room hung a poster. It was long and nearly reached the floor. It had colorful cartoon images. But, it was not there only for decoration. It had lines on it to measure the growing children´s height. Every so often, the children would gladly back up until they were pressing against the wall and stretch up to their tallest. Their parents would mark how tall they had grown and then write the date on it. Even from a very early age, if you asked them how big they were going to grow, they would happily raise their hands as high as they could and say, “This big!” Do we know that we are being measured too?

Now we may think that we are being measured for how well we are following the commandments, how righteous our acts are, or if the church will approve of how we are behaving. But God does not measure by earthly or organization´s standards. God is concerned with how much of our hearts are actually with Him. Any time we consider placing a human before the righteous throne of God, His glory and purity burn away all that we would hold up in our defense. The only thing that will count as a credit for us is that we recognize our insufficiencies and are driven to know and love God. The sacrifice of Jesus can only cover for those who repent and seek the salvation that comes to those who stand close to the heart of God. So, knowing that we will be measured today, let us make sure we show the Lord that we love Him and are truly His!


Dear Lord,

Forgive any distance You have found in our walk with You and help us remove it so we will be near You forever, we pray!




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