Greater Strength

Greater Strength from Above

The more frightening our situation and the more impossible seem the odds, the closer we need to be to our God, and the more we need His help. It is in tough times that we seek more intently the help of God. It is also in the menacing face of adversity where we realize that alone we cannot weather every storm. When we recognize our need for help from above and we truly do turn to God, at that moment, the heavens and us come into a sort of alignment. When we get into any position which places us directly in front of God, then we are finally in the right place. It does not matter how impossible our dilemma may seem, it is no problem for the Almighty God! So no matter how fierce the opposition we must face today, let us humbly come to the maker and inventor of miracles! Let us come to the Lord with all our hearts and watch as God handles our problems instead of taking them on alone!

Come, dear Lord! Move in our world and in our lives today! Turn these gray skies into rainbows and rays of sunshine with Your piercing Light we pray! Amen


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