The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 28:18

There seems to be more and more highly “educated” people these days who are trying to tell us that Jesus is not so important. They try to shed some new philosophical light on how ridiculous it is for us to hold Him as the Deity. It is like they cannot accept that we have chosen to lift Christ up as the Son of God. He is our redeemer! Because Jesus left His seat in Heaven to come to us and teach us, we are forever grateful. Because He was the very essence and Son of God, he was the only One who could make the great sacrifice for our separation from God. Because He is the image and likeness of God, He is the only One who can teach us of the true nature, thoughts, and love of our Father in Heaven. Because Jesus rose from the grips of the grave we too find a reason for hope! Now, despite all that the world will tell us to the contrary, all that would try to destroy our faith and our hope, we can still find a reason to believe. We can lift our eyes above the skeptics and their ill-intentions and focus our entire souls on the One who has been given all authority in Heaven and on earth! Praise His name forever! Let us revel in our adoration of the Lord!



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