The Measure of a Person

The Measure of a Person!

We can talk as if we know God, what He is about, and what He is up to. But the only ones who truly do come to walk with Him, seek His presence in their daily lives, and seek Him in all they see, will be the ones who do know Him. The rest may know ABOUT Him. So, if we feel it in our hearts to move from nominal knowing, from book-learning, from just hearsay, then we should prepare ourselves for a great journey of wondrous discoveries. But most of all, we should be determined to break through into the very presence of the Lord. This attitude of mere wishful sentiments must turn into a flame, a fire, that drives us to seek Him. We must not settle for another person´s account, their success, or their findings. We must press on until we experience God for ourselves. We need to walk with Christ each day, hear the soft whisper of the Holy Spirit booming in our ears, and talk with God as dear friends do. So, when our faith stands to be measured right now, let´s not settle for anything less than the most intense and intimate relationship with the Love of Our Lives!


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