The Teacher´s Word for Today


Matthew 28:19

Go! We love that word. Especially Christians love the word “GO!” Perhaps it is because a Christian is a person with a dream. Something has gotten under our skin and moved us. Something has gotten a hold of our attention, and we were willing to look away from our busy, clamorous lives. All of this is good and it is what sets the Christian apart from the rest who could not get themselves worked up enough to care. So, the word go sounds good to us and should be an intricate part of each of our days. However, there is a tiny dark cloud that can easily sneak in to spoil our beloved word. The darker powers have been perfecting their tricks over the years and their plan is still to ruin all that belongs to God. Evil will not shy away from such a great opportunity to spoil our word or turn the Christian´s faith into a lie. So, while our hearts leap up with joy to go and be all that we could be, that darkness would hide from us the part of the message that holds the real importance. The words that really should move us are, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! If it is these words that waken our soul, if it is these names that thrill our hearts, if it is the thought of throwing all our praise and adoration into the Lord, then the word go takes on its true meaning. Then we are not just well-meaning busy-bodies. When we are so wrapped up in the love we feel for our God, then the person who goes does so in the love of God. We carry His concern, His motives, and look to Him for direction. When we just go because we love the idea, who knows what we go to share!


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