The Right Place

The Right Place

When we just cannot go any further on our own and we have been beaten down to our knees, we may despair. But the Scriptures give us hope. The Bible, prophets, and Christ, all teach us that this is where it all begins. Once we realize that we need God, then we can approach Him. If we stand on our own strength, then we never really need God´s help and therefore, we do not seek Him with all of our hearts. Even the proud and confident men and women who call themselves Christians can easily miss out on this simple truth. If we would come to know God, we must be humble. We must yearn for the Lord. We must know we need a Savior, and, we must search for Him as if we would miss Him in this crazy world. Confidence, pride, comfortable living, and successes will all try to rob us of our need for the Lord. Only the thirsty will seek the Water of Life. Only the hungry will feel their desperate need for the Bread of Life. Only the hurting will seek healing from above. So, instead of getting frustrated today by the complications we face, let us rejoice! Let us throw ourselves at the feet of the One who will give us His hand! Let us teach our hearts to need our Savior! Let us refuse any ideology that would keep us from searching for the Lord in our day, in all our moments, and in all our dealings! Let us each find the right place to be today!


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