Dead Bodies

Revelation 11:8

Their dead bodies will be in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.  Revelation 11:8  WEB


In the middle of the night, a family was awakened by their beloved cat. He had been with them for fifteen years. He did not make it through the night. The family could not believe he would not be with them anymore. They were stricken with sorrow and by the pain of their loss. How could they love an animal that much? He had been an intricate part of their family for so long and was so dear to all of them. But, it was true. The following day was torcher to them all as they suffered through a painful funeral ceremony. Is there anything we would miss today if it were to die too?

Curious reference is made to the death of two prophets of God in the last days. We might wonder who they are. How will we feel when we see them lying lifeless before us? What if they are something or someone who has been with us for ages too? What if the two Testimonies of the Bible were to die from the war that the beast is making with them? Whatever God has in store for us in His great plan of redemption, we will only be able to survive with His help. The pain of the loss of loved ones is too much to bear. All that we have here on earth is temporary except for God. Let us learn to lean on Him through each step of our way. Let us get real good at looking to Him and keeping Him close so that we are prepared for everything. Let us walk so near to the Savior today that even if we should lose what we count on most, we will still have our hope in the Lord to carry us through!


Dear Lord,

Even if we must watch as the world slays our beloved Scriptures, let us lean on You and trust in Your salvation.



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