The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 28:20

As things seem to be wrapping up on our earthly scene and God´s plan of redemption draws near, we have the words Christ used as He left us for encouragement. As Jesus was returning to the Father, after paying the ransom for believing children everywhere, He made us this promise. He said that He is with us! He said that He would not leave us in Spirit. His words should lift us up and keep us strong no matter what trouble comes our way. The conquering King, the Prince of all creation has given His word to be near us! What a marvelous truth to cling to! Now, no mountain will feel too high. No storm will seem so fierce. No disaster should ever break us or make us lose hope. The Almighty God is with us! Whoever or whatever would go against us will have to face our infinitely powerful Friend who walks along with us through our day! It should make our spirit soar and thrill our hearts. The only question is, will we be with Him? Will we walk near Him all day or let our hearts wander? Will we get distracted and forget Him for most of the day? Let us pray that when Christ says He will be with us always, that our hearts cry out to do the same for Him!


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