Moved by the Spirit

Moved by the Spirit

We may have a lot of problems or things that we get wrong somehow. But one of the greatest failures that we make each day is trying to walk on our own. Our Savior instructed long ago to wait for the Spirit to come to us. (see Luke 24:49) We have blundered along so many times that much of what we do in man-oriented endeavors and mistaken earthly-centered goals. Then, we wonder why the power and presence of the Lord are not with us. What a difference it would make if we did stay on our knees and we did truly seek the Lord until we found Him. Once the Holy Spirit sees that our intentions are pure, once He sees that we are willing to bow to His will and look not to our own ways, He will move. There is nothing more wonderful in all the universe than to experience the Holy Spirit at work! When the Spirit of God moves in the hearts and lives of humble believers, the miraculous always occurs. People get healed, lives get saved, and wonders get revealed! If we only knew that the things we should pray for today are not those earthly blessings we got a fancy for. If we let our hearts go out to the Lord, to desire Him here, in and with us, we could desire nothing less than His Spirit here right now! Let us change our prayer. Let us pray for more of the Spirit of God today to fill us, fulfill us, and rock our little world!


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