A Psalm for Today

Psalm 1:1-2

We may classify men and women in so many different ways. But when the Light of God is shone upon all that is under the sun, we will then see what truly sets people apart. Most everyone spends out their days chasing the things of this world. We want to get as much as we can while we can. We want to see how high we can rise. We want to see how big of a name we can make for ourselves. We strive to get as much comfort and pleasure we can attain. The counsel of the world is to forget God, make Him small, or to say that God is not worth seeking. The world´s wisdom shies away from thinking we need a Savior.

But then, there is another sort of person. This kind of person will not be looked on as a very intelligent person in the eyes of the world. This kind of person is driven too. But what this kind of person drives towards is to be one of the very few who will gaze upon the face of God. They know it sounds impossible, but for the hope that wells up within them, they just cannot keep from trying. While the world scoffs at them, while they put them down and misunderstand them, this kind of hungry soul will pay no attention to their oppression. They have their Goal before them. They refuse to listen to the earthly-minded world and press harder after their Prize. We can all choose what kind of person we will be. Pray to God above that He will still find a few souls who will resist the counsel of the world and will seek to belong to God, heart, soul, and spirit!


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