God Is Moving Today

God Is Moving Today

We are being deceived if we think that God is not moving in our world, in our lives, or in His creation today! He is moving! He has never rested in His relentless search for souls that will turn to Him! By turning to God, we do not mean subscribing to the thoughts of an organized religious institution. That could be one of the ways the Lord is drawing us to if He sees that a church family is where we should be. But, this is just the deception we are talking about. If we turn our efforts of conversion into simply non-churchgoers to churchgoers, then we have misunderstood the call of God completely. We have been called to Christ! This is a powerful act that takes people from being unaware that they even have a Friend at the right hand of God and turns them into passionate adorers of their new closest Friend. This conversion is in itself a mighty movement of God. That hearts could turn from disbelief and allow our eyes to be opened is a miracle. But it is only the first of many! From the moment faith begins to grow, our eyes will be opened to witness the mighty hand of God at work! He is moving today in amazing ways that will blow us away! The key is to find whatever it is in our hearts that is blocking us from witnessing His movement and ask Jesus for His help in restoring our sight. Let us pray that we do not miss out on any of the thousands of miracles that the Lord is working on right now!


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