A Psalm for Today

Psalm 1:6

We, humans, are quite insecure creatures. Even the proudest and most self-confident among us like to hear from others how much they are worth. We feed off of it. We love hearing others talk us up or reaffirm our good qualities. We actually need it. But human praise cannot completely fill the void that is so deeply seated in us. After the cheers and the applauding that we have sought from men finally subside, the emptiness creeps back in. But, our engineer did make us so that there was a way to fill that void. It immediately resets us to our factory settings and restores all that we think we may have lost. It is the reassurance of worth that only our Father above can give. It is the very voice of God telling us that we each individually mean something special to Him. When our Maker tells us that we are His and we are worth sacrificing for, then that empty hole within us no longer has to hurt us. In fact, our worries shift from ourselves to Him. Instead of wanting to gain so much for ourselves, we want the Lord to have what He has always wanted. We want the relationship that He has always desired from us! This shift in interests is called righteousness. It is not something we possess in ourselves. But it can come to us through the One we now know and love. God knows what is in our hearts. He knows our way. Shall we open our hearts to the Lord today and let Him fill us with His love forever?


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