Serious Seeking Is Repaid

Serious Seeking Repays

The religious experts will give us an extensive list of things to do or not do to gain us the promises of God. For ages, men and women have listened to them, and dutifully tried each technique, each attitude, and every philosophical angle they were fed. Unfortunately, most of the fuss leaves us wanting more and wishing that we could hear directly from our Lord above. If this is the case for us, let us rejoice! This desire that we feel deep down inside should be there! A need and emptiness should be our portion. It is precisely this hunger and this thirst that drive us harder after our Savior! All that throws us at the foot of the altar and gazing up at the cross is doing us eternal good! So, when we feel like we have not gained a close enough of a bond with our God, let us recognize our need! Let us work along with that feeling! Let us push ourselves to be moved into action! Let us get serious in our search for a deeper and more fulfilling relationship! Let the desire grow until we seek Christ in our present moment and refuse to let anyone steal our hunger for Him away! It will be our tie to Jesus that will save us for all time! So let´s go out of our way to make the Lord our goal right now!


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