A Psalm for Today

Psalm 2:12

Without knowing the full meaning of his words, David wrote long ago of the coming Messiah. He lifted up the Son of God and encouraged us all to do the same. He warned us to take careful note of the caliber of our tribute to Christ. Through inspiration, he saw that shallow notions or word-deep faith would leave us short of a true connection with God. David also warned us of our way. Some people don´t know or cannot see that they are either traveling on a path that leads to the Lord or away from Him. Many Christians think that they are on the right way but might be surprised one day to find that they had only been fooling themselves. Jesus is coming soon! There has never been a time where our dealings with the Savior of the World should be sincerely looked at and prayed over! Blessed are the ones, the painfully few, who will give up, give in, and seek Jesus Christ to take their refuge in Him. Pray that we will be among those who run to the Lord today to save us from ourselves!


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