Spread God´s Love

Spread God´s Love

There is a trait that should be overwhelmingly evident when there is a Christian in the room. When a real follower of Christ shows up on a scene, then God´s love should be a feeling that comes across and reaches out to all who would receive it. By this, we do not mean that we are all flowers and rainbows, but caring and considerate human beings. Our world has turned into a selfish and cold place to live. People have been mastering the art of thinking first of themselves, and then if there is something left over, then that they can give to others. But Christ taught us to put things in a different order. He asked that we first thought of God, who is love. Right after God, He showed us how to concern ourselves with the care of others. He did not encourage us to worry ourselves with ourselves. Our issues, He taught us to lift up to God for Him to walk us through personally. So when we think of what to shoot for today, let us pray that the love of God moves freely through our hearts!


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