A Psalm for Today


Psalm 3:4

When we cry out against our pain, or struggles, or our injustices, we normally cry first to ourselves. We start by feeling sorry for ourselves. Sometimes this leads us to take our problems to others. We cry our worries over onto them. When they get bad enough, and it seems there is nowhere else left to go, we take our woes to the Lord. This process may be natural enough. But the God who made us and calls us His Father, would like us to adjust our process a little. Actually, He would like us to change quite a lot. The Lord above wants us to feel so close to Him, that He is the first place we turn to. He wants us to walk so closely with Him that He is actively present and involved in each of our endeavors. His wish is to bond His Spirit with ours so that anything we feel is consciously connected with and full of His presence. Our mission in this life should be to reach that kind of walk with the Lord. If we can share each moment, each success, and each sorrow with our Savior, then we are right where God wants us to be. It will not matter how dark the storm, or deep the waters if we have our Savior right here with us.

Draw us near dear Lord, and we will surely pass through every trial we face! Make our walk with You so close and so strong that nothing could ever really hurt us, we pray!



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