Faith Tested to Grow

Faith Tested to Grow

Christ said that if we had the faith even as small as a mustard seed, it would be enough to move mountains. This means that we can be strong as long as we can grow some faith. The more faith we manage to cultivate, the more pleasing we will be to God, and the more of His power will be seen in our lives. So the question is not whether or not we need more faith, because we could always use a little more. It should become the quest of every day! The question which we should throw ourselves at is how we are going to grow our faith today! Thank the Lord that it is not something we can buy. We cannot go to a friend, family member, or even to our pastor. The only place to get more faith is directly from God. This is a relief because it is exactly what He wants to give to us! God will not try to fill our frail vessels with too much faith before we are ready. He will give us just a small measure to start out with. It will be tested. Like a muscle, it will need to stretch. It will need to be worked if it would grow. But in the providence and grace of God, faith tested does grow. Any growth can be used to seek further growth. We can go from mere babies in faith and grow into formidable giants of faith if that faith is exercised enough! So, if we feel our faith is tried or tested today, thank the Lord that we have been given this chance to grow closer to our strength and trust more fully upon Him. Our faith will grow if


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