Worship God

Revelation 11:16

The twenty-four elders, who sit on their thrones before God’s throne, fell on their faces and worshiped God,  Revelation 11:16  WEB


A woman went with her future husband´s family to church one day. Everyone got all dressed up and done up. They filed into the small church with some quiet greetings to some smiling church members. They sat still in a pew and sang a couple of songs. They listened to a sermon, most of which she did not understand. And then, they filed back out the doors with a few more short exchanges with people who did seem curious or interested in learning a few details of the visitors to their congregation. Although the ceremony had been well structured and faithfully carried out, the woman could only wonder about these customs that were foreign to her. Have we ever wondered about the sincerity of our worship or whether or not we please God with it?

What the woman that day could not see, and sometimes we could miss as well, is the Unseen, Almighty Being that sits on His throne. Those who are already seated there and are accustomed to seeing God in person, fall on their faces to worship. We may sense something but we are rarely moved like those before the throne. It is time to make an effort to lift the eyes of our souls high enough to glimpse into that room. The glory of the One who sits upon His throne there should begin to affect us! If we will let our hearts wonder over the Almighty if we could see past the manmade walls and human traditions, then perhaps we may learn what it is to truly worship God of all the universe too! Shall we try now?


Dear Lord,

Please open the eyes of our hearts! Let us gaze on Your glory in wonder and then be filled with true worship too, we pray!



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