A Psalm for Today

Psalm 3:7

There must come a place and time in the life of any believer where we finally turn from trying to save ourselves and seek Christ´s help. It should have come to us the moment we learned that Jesus was sent to save us each personally. We should have thrown ourselves down at His feet and clung tightly to Him from that moment on. Instead, we try to clean up our lives through further knowledge, more righteous conduct, and through surrounding ourselves with holier people. All are good, but they can never replace what is truly needed. The deceiver is still cunning. There is more than we know that would prevent us from actually drawing near the Savior. Each day of our lives and a thousand times within those days, our hearts should call out to the Lord! We should wait on Him, look for Him, yearn for Him, and find Him constantly. God will be found by those who seek Him! We will find Him here in the smile or the tear of a friend. We will find the Lord in the weather, in the times, and in the seasons. We will be able to see the Holy Spirit at work in the lives and relationships of those around us. We will see our God in everything fine and glorified in all the reaches of nature! So awaken our hearts to cry! Let them shout out to the Lord to come! Come, dear Lord! Save us from life or death without You, we pray!


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