The Lord´s Covenant

Revelation 11:19

God’s temple that is in heaven was opened, and the ark of the Lord’s covenant was seen in his temple. Lightnings, sounds, thunders, an earthquake, and great hail followed.  Revelation 11:19  WEB


The man looked down on the young couple standing before him. They were in love and it was evident to all who laid eyes on them. But before he finished the ceremony and pronounced them man and wife, he wanted to make one thing clear. So he asked them; “Do you understand the covenant that you are making to care and provide for each other?” The couple hardly heard him as the only response in their hearts was to do just that! Are we aware of the covenant that God has made with us?

Way back in history, God gave us a vivid picture of His plan of salvation. He took a nation, a people, and called them His own. Then the Lord went to great pains to take them from a foreign land and bring them to a home He had prepared for them. He made a covenant with them and gave them many things to confirm that promise. Like the young newlyweds, God´s heart went out to His beloved ones. He has not forgotten His promise to love, cherish, and care for those who love Him. There is coming a day when we will see His covenant fulfilled in striking reality. All of the symbols of His promises will no longer be necessary. Nobody will need to ask if He loves us! The powerful story of old will be nothing like the great ceremony in Heaven when the temple of God is opened! All will see clearly that the Almighty is fulfilling His promise! The Lord is coming to take us home to be with Him forever!


Dear Lord,

Remind us often of Your promises. Let us live secure today knowing that we have all eternity to enjoy Your love, we pray!



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