What Determines Tomorrow

What Determines Tomorrow

Most of us secretly think that we have time to repair, restore, or establish a relationship with the God we say that we believe in. The problem is that we get distracted. The devil has been gaining expertise in deceiving people, in fact, he wrote the book on it. He cares little what we say we believe in and does not fret even a vehement declaration of our faith. Evil knows that our faith in God is played out in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. If we go through our day chasing this goal or that other success, and forget to bring Christ into each experience, then we have been distracted. The real goal, the One that we should be focusing on, is Christ! Our Savior is the goal we should seek each moment of every day! If we could manage to bring God into our daily walk, if we could have Him present in each decision and every effort, then we have found our true focus. If we wish to hear those words one day saying, “Well done, you good and faithful servant.”, we really need to keep our vision clear. Let us pray today that we will walk through every single detail of our day with the One we would like to spend eternity with!


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