A Psalm for Today

Psalm 4:3

The Scriptures give us hope. We could be the ones. We could be the chosen people of God. He has long been looking for those special children who will look to Him. He has been yearning for those pure humble souls that seek Him. This does not mean the experts in the law. This does not mean that we have to match the great doctrinal giants of our times. It means that the simplest hearts can be the special ones. It is the childlike that look away from themselves in trust. It is the broken-hearted that know they need a Savior. It is us, who stop all the pretending and actually look to Him. Christ will save us, but He will only save the ones who really want God in their hearts. So let us pray that the God who sees into people´s hearts will see us gazing up to Him with all our whole heart!


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